Alexa Pilgrim



Alexa is based out of Trilogy’s office in Bellevue, WA. Before joining the TSP team, Alexa was a Research Assistant for the Economics and Art History departments at Whitman College and was a Market Analyst intern at Citrix. Alexa joined the search fund universe after graduating magna cum laude from Whitman College with degrees in Economics and History. She's especially passionate about supporting women searchers and making the space more inclusive of different identities. In her spare time, Alexa enjoys live music of (almost) every genre, skiing, visiting new art museums and galleries, and reading mystery books.

"Every day I'm inspired by our searchers; their passions for entrepreneurship and leadership are compelling. Each searcher brings a unique background and perspective to their search, which makes this space special. I am grateful for the opportunity to support searchers throughout their journey, first with ramping up in the initial 90 days, and then helping diligence acquisitions and providing any resources they need when they step into their CEO roles."