Jennie Ellis

Operating Executive (Recruiting)


Jennie has worked within the Trilogy family of investments since 2012 and is a trusted HR and Recruiting Executive across our portfolio. Having worked her entire career in small company startups in a wide range of industries, she is particularly strong in workforce planning and people strategies. Currently, Jennie is the Founder and CEO of Bandwidth, a popular recruiting and workforce strategy firm. Jennie is also on the Board of an outplacement startup, Silver Linings, and is a master-level career coach advising those desiring a career pivot. She is also a prestigious People Tech Partner Advisor and along with other people executives, advises people technology startups on go-to-market, pricing and other key initiatives. Jennie attended the University of Washington.

Jennie lives in Seattle with her husband, their three sons, and her cat Ruby. She does Bikram yoga and spends nearly all of her free time kayaking in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

“I have a heart for entrepreneurs of all kinds and want to be a force of support for the brave and talented leaders that seek to start and run their own companies. One of my favorite books about the difficulties of being a CEO is from Ben Horowitz’s book ‘The Hard Thing About Hard Things,’ in which Ben talks about how being a CEO is ‘the loneliest job in the world.'” As a People Operations Executive, I want to help these leaders through the good times and the bad to come out to a successful exit.”