Kevin Knoepp

CTO & Operating Partner

Kevin supports entrepreneurs with expertise in software engineering and information technology. He partners with search fund entrepreneurs on due diligence, and often stays involved post-acquisition as an interim Chief Technology Officer. Previously, Kevin was CTO in residence at Madrona Venture Labs in Seattle, working with startups in the machine learning space. Prior to Madrona, Kevin held senior positions at Chef (a leading infrastructure automation company), AnswerDash (a machine learning based knowledge management company, acquired by CloudEngage), and InstantService (the world’s largest chat and email management company, acquired by Oracle).

Originally from Southern California, Kevin fell in love with the Pacific Northwest and now lives in Seattle with his wife and a rather spoiled rescue dog. He is an avid hiker and skier, and he is always looking for any excuse to get outdoors.

Connect with Kevin

“Meeting and working with dozens of software company searchers has been an eye opening experience. Although every business is unique, there are a surprising number of similarities in the technical problems most search fund CEOs must address quickly – technical debt, the scalability of the platform, security issues, and the technical capabilities of the acquired team to name a few. One of the most gratifying aspects of working with search funds is being able to have a huge impact in a short amount of time on all of these fronts.”