Stijn Hendrikse

Operating Executive (CMO)

Stijn supports search fund entrepreneurs with his experience in marketing and sales excellence for SaaS-based businesses. He works with searchers during diligence and post-acquisition, including as an interim Chief Marketing Officer, where he applies his positioning, branding, messaging, and pricing expertise to help accelerate revenue growth. Prior to his work with Trilogy, Stijn served as CMO and CEO for multiple B2B SaaS companies, including MightyCall and Acumatica. Stijn led Global SMB Marketing and B2B Product Marketing for Office at Microsoft, including the launch of Office 365 and the adoption of the Open XML ISO 29500 Standard. Stijn also co-founded Kalungi, a Marketing-as-a-Service agency focused on B2B SaaS companies and recently published the book T2D3, providing insight on B2B SaaS go-to-market strategies. He currently serves on the board of Fraxion Software.

Stijn moved to the United States from the Netherlands, where he served in the Dutch Armed Forces and studied Mechanical Engineering. He is currently based in Seattle, WA.

“At the core, most search deals are about growth capital and leadership talent injections. The investment thesis often includes an opportunity to do more in marketing versus what has been done previously – but then, what does that mean, and where to get started? After the deal closes expectations are high, so how does one start adding value with marketing immediately without adding too much cost? Speed, scaling resources up (and down) as needed, and access to the right skills is crucial, and I find it to be a very satisfying challenge.”