Cerbo is an electronic health record (EHR) SaaS provider serving functional and integrative medicine, direct primary care, and cash-based practitioners.

Cerbo is a unique healthcare platform serving independent practices better than existing large EHR platforms. Cerbo helps providers provide a higher quality of care to patients, while increasing clinical efficiency. Cerbo inspired Courtney and Jonathan because of its position as the premier EHR software for functional and integrative medicine practices, both growing segments within healthcare. The software provides a critical service for healthcare clinics and improves patient experience, with easier access to chart information, lab test results, and online scheduling.

Courtney and Jonathan acquired a company with a strong culture, and have tried to preserve the close-knit feel of the team in a post-pandemic environment. Since the acquisition, they have focused on expanding product capabilities and hiring to support growth.

Both Courtney and Jonathan started their careers as engineers before earning MBAs at the Michigan Ross School of Business.

Q&A with Jonathan & Courtney

Tell us about a challenging moment during your search – how did you persevere?

During our search, the most challenging moment was the emotional toll of a broken deal, particularly as a husband-wife team. This experience blurred the lines between our personal and professional lives. To cope, we established two weekly check-ins: one for personal life, where work was off-limits, and another focused on professional matters. This approach helped us manage stress and grow stronger both individually and as a team. It reinforced the importance of maintaining balance, a practice that has since become crucial in our partnership and continues to guide us in facing new challenges.

How did you use Trilogy as a resource and partner during the process?

Trilogy has been a vital partner from the beginning of our search, offering strategic guidance, industry connections, and critical negotiation insights. Their support in building a strong investor group and a skilled board has been fundamental to our growth. Even post-acquisition, Trilogy's expertise in key operational areas like recruiting, IT, HR, and finance has been instrumental. Their ongoing involvement continues to be a major factor in our success and operational excellence.

What is your favorite part about operating Cerbo?

Leading the team at Cerbo is a privilege, where passion and dedication to our product and customers are paramount. Our strength lies in our team's genuine care for excellence and our entrepreneurial healthcare providers, including doctors and their staff. Seeing them grow alongside our product is rewarding and inspirational. This journey with Cerbo highlights the power of collaboration and the importance of customer-focused relationships.