About Us

Our team works closely with each entrepreneur throughout the search and during operation. We are resourced to provide deep support and expertise across industries and functions.

Our Operations Team

Independent TSP Operating Executives assist searchers and portfolio companies across a broad range of technical, financial, and marketing initiatives, both during due diligence and after acquisition. Together with our investing team, they bring industry-leading support and expertise to search fund entrepreneurs.

“Trilogy has been a key partner for us, particularly in the initial stages of our journey. We have been able to leverage seasoned executives from Trilogy’s ecosystem across key functional areas such as finance, marketing and technology. Mike Mullen, Stijn Hendrikse and Kevin Knoepp have played a key role in upgrading our talent and processes across these critical areas. We are looking forward to their support as we aim to scale the business for long term growth.”


The Trilogy family of investing and operating companies includes: